America Catstudio Glass
America Catstudio Glass
America Catstudio Glass

America Catstudio Glass

From shore to shore there's 3,537,441 square miles in the continental United States of America and we squeezed them into this exquisite design!

The design is amazingly rendered with vibrant colors plus silver and gold on a high quality 15-ounce frosted tumbler. Cheers and bottoms up!

*15 ounces
*Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

 The US has the most technologically powerful, largest economy in the world.
* The U.S.A. has no official language (although English is the only language used in Government).
* About 90% of the world's population lives in the Northern Hemisphere.
* In the United States, brushing teeth did not become routine until after World War II, when American soldiers had to clean their teeth daily.
* The area of the United States of America is roughly 1/2 the size of Russia.
* The US is the third most populous country, at approx. 315 million people.
* Cathedral Caverns, Alabama, has the largest cave opening and cavern room in the world. It contains the largest stalagmite.
* The largest meteorite crater in the world is 4,150 ft across and 150ft deep, located in Winslow, Arizona.
* America leads the world in the music, military equipment, computer/internet innovation, and biotech fields.
* America became the world's biggest market for wine, overtaking France. Americans consumed 29.1 million hectoliters of wine in 2013.
* The largest city in the country is Juneau, Alaska, which covers 3,000 square miles.